Documenting my PhD and the process of undergoing it. Also some crochet stuff.

My PhD using only the 1,000 most commonly used words
(thanks to Theo Sanderson):

The world we live on is made up of a set of stuff, once it’s all used up, there isn’t any more. Also the world takes bad things and makes good things out of them: when we breathe out bad air, trees can use that bad air to make good air that we can breathe again. Some people wrote a paper about this and it was read by lots of people. They drew a picture of the world as a round thing and colored in how much stuff we had used, this showed that we were already using too much of some good stuff, and making too much of some bad stuff.

Then a woman said that if every person didn’t have enough food, we wouldn’t use up all the stuff in the world, but this would still be bad. So she wrote down some things that we all need, like food and water and school. Then she drew another picture with the good things in a round thing inside the round thing of the world, and the space in between the two round things is the safe space that we want to be in. It looks like a round thing with a round bit cut out of the middle, which is also the name of a sweet thing you can eat.

The good things that we need all use up some of the stuff in the world, so I am trying to find out how much stuff we need to make sure that every person has all the good things that they need. I am trying to find this out by looking at two places where lots of people don’t have enough good things. Other people are looking at other places and then we will show our work to each other, and I hope that we can say something about how much stuff people need in the whole world, not just the places we look at.

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