FoI to Bank of England

Yesterday’s post about staff makeup at the BBC was inspired because I was preparing a Freedom of Information request to the Bank of England (BoE).

The Women’s Room (TWR) (great initiative – encourage all women to join! (I’ve also been on at gender-variant people too)) have been petitioning the BoE to reconsider their decision to remove the only woman currently on English banknotes apart from the queen. As the BoE has given a completely inadequate response, TWR are now fundraising to launch a legal challenge on the basis that BoE has not fulfilled it’s obligations under the Equality Act.

I got to wondering about how many women work for the organisation. It seems most likely that their board of middle-aged, wealthy, white men, simply failed to consider equality issues when making the decision about who to next put on a banknote. Would an organisation with a diverse workforce make the same mistake? It will be interesting to see how much information the BoE holds, and what their employment policy is.

FoI request submitted on 13 June 2013, will provide an update when I receive a response, or after 20 days. Text of request is:

I would like to make a Freedom of Information request for the
information held on the staff makeup at the Bank of England (BOE).
My specific enquiries are as follows:

1) Information held on the number of males and the number of
females employed full time as staff by the BOE, their seniority of
position and salary band

2) Information held on the representation of different age, gender,
ethnicity, religion, and disability within staff and freelancers
(if applicable) of the BOE.

3) Any details of Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) that were
conducted under the three previous public sector equality duties
(race equality duty, gender equality duty and disability equality
duty), which were in force until April 2011 when the new single
public sector equality duty (PSED) came into force and replaced

4) The BOE Human Resources Policy on Equal Opportunity of
Employment and details of hiring procedures to ensure employment on
basis of merit and equality of opportunity



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