Twenty-One questions on trans issues answered

Here is the full list of trans ‘questions from cis people’ collated by CN Lester, for which I sat on the panel in my capacity as cis-person-with-trans-partner-who-sometimes-gets-involved-in-trans-activism-etc. The discussions in the individual comment threads are all very interesting, do check them out!

a gentleman and a scholar

The master blog! We’ve spent the past month answering common questions on trans issues – some 101, some a little further along – and it’s been an interesting ride. Many thanks to the panel, and everyone who contributed in the comments – and if you know anyone who might find it helpful, do pass it along.



The lovely  panel



Natacha Kennedy

Natacha Kennedy has known she was a girl since a very young age, having the wrong gender written on her birth certificate. A former primary school teacher she now lectures at Goldsmiths College and her main research interest is trans children. In addition she is an activist who campaigns for trans rights, is co-chair of Camden LGBT Forum, a member of LGBT Labour executive and helps organise the London transgender Day of Remembrance. She is married, lives in North London, speaks several languages, loves Japanese…

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